'Out Of The Ashes' - COMING 2014!

Artist: Matt Urmy

Produced By: Cowboy Jack Clement

Status: Unreleased.
In November 2010, Cowboy was the guest of honor at a variety show Matt produced called The Renaissance Rodeo Show.

The next day Cowboy asked Matt if he'd like to do a record together. They began in December and recorded 14 tracks in 2 days at the Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa.
In May 2011, Cowboy's home and studio were lost in a fire, along with decades worth of legendary master tapes,and Matt's project.
In July of 2011, Matt began work on Artist Growth while waiting for word from the
data recovery plant about the fate of the project.
In October 2011, five albums were recovered from a burnt and melted hard drive pulled from the fire. The original tracks from the sessions in December were among the five.  However, Matt was too busy with Artist Growth development to go back to work on the project.
In Summer 2012, while the Recording Spa was still being rebuilt, Matt and Cowboy went into The Sound Emporium Studio A and recorded 2 new tracks: 1. Out of the Ashes, a gospel song written for Jack about the fire (duet with John Prine).  2. An Alan Reynolds' classic, We Must Believe In Magic (duet with Cowboy Jack).  The session was filmed by PBS, but has not yet aired.
Later in 2013, Cowboy Jack died due to liver cancer, making this album his final work
from the producer's chair.