Matt introduced himself to Cowboy Jack Clement in the late fall of 2010. At the end of their first meeting, Cowboy agreed to headline a local variety show Matt was producing called, The Renaissance Rodeo Show. Soon thereafter, Matt and Jack began work on an album together in Jack's home studio.

Initially thought to be lost in a fire, the album was rescued, completed, and ultimately released in 2017, almost 7 years to the month of the studio fire. Aptly, the album's title was changed to, Out Of The Ashes, and John Prine appears as a feature on the title track. Cowboy also appears as a featured vocalist on the album, singing a duet with Matt on the classic song he published and co-wrote with Allen Reynolds, We Must Believe In Magic. Jack sang the song for Matt during their first meeting in Jack's office while they were discussing the project together. The song was previously recorded by Cowboy himself, as well as Crystal Gayle and Jonny Cash.